Thursday, 17 May 2012


I feel so ashamed, but I need to share this with you guys.
I think that what used to be an eating disorder of non eating has become an overeating disorder.
I'm trying to recover, therefor I made a new blog to keep my daily consumption of food and talk about this.

Please help me, I want to recover from this so badly.


Monday, 7 May 2012

Basic Math

I really haven't had time to blog, but here's an update

I tried to do the cayenne lemonade diet right after the ABC diet and I could only handle it for one day. When I woke up next day I felt super sleepy and could barely walk.

So I decided "fuck this. i'm not gonna ruin my health over being skinny"

Here's some math 

- There are 3500 cals in a pound
- I'm 121 lbs (5kgs)
- I want to lose 10 lbs, therefore, 35000 cals
- My daily needs are about 1600/1700 cals

- if I reduce my caloric intake to 1000/1200 cals a day I'll have about -500 cals a day than what I need
- 3500/500 = 7
- I'd be losing 1 pound a week


Today I had 1150 cals!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I completly failed ABC diet this week :(
Starting over in the next one! 

I recently started browsing about ana songs, take a look at this one
Maria Mena - Eyesore

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ABC -Day 2 and 3

Yesterday I was supposed to have eaten 200 cals, but I was going out for dinner with a friend last minute, so I think I ended up having about 700.
It's way more than I should, but it's still a low number.

I completly forgot today was a national holiday when I made the plan, so 300 cals are going to end up being about 1200. 

Tomorrow I can make up for it but friday I have a dinner party...urg! think I'll just have breakfast and a little something for dinner

Monday, 23 April 2012

Appetite supressants and some others


Almonds - Energy
Coffee - boosts meatabolism and gives energy
Ginger - Helps digestion and makes you feel energetic
Cayenne Pepper - Boosts metabolism
Water - Feels you up (not fot long though)
Cinnamon - Appetitte control
Salmon - Supresses appetite
Oatmeal - Feel full
Green Tea

Bonus Dark Chocolate - For when you feel cravings. It's much healthier than regular chocolate and you can't eat that much

Did a little research and wanted to share it with you. Have a nice week!

Oatmeal & ABC - Day 1

hey guys! 

today my limit was 400 cals, so far so good
- oatmeal with strawberrys : 100 cals
- soup : 80 cals
- pineapple : 70 cals

and for dinner i'll have 
- rice :  about 80 cals
- one meat ball : 60 cals

In the end, 380 cals!

I think... yes, I have a question. I saw on calorie count that 100 gr of oatmeal would equal 100 cals. But that I read some different sources that said the same amount would have about 300 cals. Anyone to clarify this for me?


Sunday, 22 April 2012


Ok, I know I'm constatly absent now, but the school and intership have been really hard.

To get back (for good I hope), I'm starting on the ABC diet. I know lots of you don't agree with this, I personally don't think it's a good thing, but it's a test to myself and a way to get back on track.

I have a problem though, during the weekends it's really hard cause I live with my parents. Any suggestions? 

I'll try to keep posting even if it's just these little updates, miss you all!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A little explanation about dieting

I'm back.
And this time I'm back for good.

I'm starting a new diet made by a doctor tomorrow.

- This new doctor of mine explained that our bodies are programmed to live for sunlight: this means that once the sun goes down your body is programmed to rest. Therefor, you shouldn't eat much at dinner, since you won't burn any of it.

- Also, you are supposed to eat carbs as early in the day as possible, this meaning breakfast and lunch. Your body will be active in the morning and the afternoon, therefore, you need to eat carbs before that to burn them, and not afterwards.

- Fruit and vegetables are obviously important and they should fill a big part of your diet, specially in the latest meals

- Dairys are also important and, like carbs, you should eat them as early as possible

- If you really want a sweet, cake, cookie, etc, have it with or breakfast and lunch, for the reasons above. Atention, though! Have it WITH yout breakfast and lunch and not INSTEAD.

My diet

- Fruit
- Carbs: Bread (cereal or brown) with ham or jelly OR Muesli Cereal
- Milk OR Yogurt

- Fruit OR Coffee with milk OR Yogurt (these last few if I haven't had milk or yogurt for breakfast)

- Soup
- Proteins: White meat, eggs or fish
- Some carbs: Rice, potatoes or bread
- LOTS of vegetables
- Fruit

- Fruit OR Yogurt OR Cereal Bar

- Soup
- Fruit
(Also allowed to eat fish with vegetables)


- Eat only in front of other people
  This is really important. I feel like I've been losing control and done a lot of emotional eating, I don't want that turning into an habit.

- Swim every day of the working week

And, for now, this is it! I'm doing this starting tomorrow and 'till the end of the month. Let's see how it goes!

Any other suggestions?